Here you will practice music dictation. You have to write the notes I play! Difficult at first, but if you practice a lot and follow along right from the start, you will get good at it. It helps to increase your understanding of sheet music.

Music dictation for beginners

Here you will practice the first steps in the art of notating music by listening to it. It may be a good idea to start here, even if you think you have a good grasp of notes. Dictation is something quite special. It is a good idea to start by watching the video.


Dictation 1 & 2 Music sheet.
Dictation 1.
Dictation 2.

Dictation 3 & 4 Music sheet.
Dictation 3.
Dictation 4.

Now it's time for some new things


Dictation 5 & 6 Music sheet
Dictation 5
Dictaion 6

Dictation 7 & 8 Music sheet
Dictation 7
Dictation 8

Dictation 9 & 10 Music sheet
Dictation 9
Dictation 10

Dictation 11 & 12 Music sheet
Dictation 11
Dictation 12